Modules & Features of Smart Edu

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Administration Management

Easy Attendance Taking
Attendance By Course
Attendance By Class
Configurable Alerts
Detailed Reporting

Bio Matric Integration

Program Management

Lesson Plan
Course Hierarchy
Report Card
Semester Create
Session Create

Exam Management

Multiple Evaluation Methods
Online Exams
Automated Report Card
Statistical Reports and Charts

Transport Management

Manage vehicles
Vehicle maintenance
Leasing contracts
Keep track of mileage
Reporting and analysis

Meeting Management

Generate Meeting
Sync with Google Meet and Calender
Print Meeting Minutes
Link meeting minutes with Project


Integrated with program management
Integrated with faculty members
Course Lesson Management
Material or File management
Student Enrollment system
Blog for LMS Program

Library Management

Media Circulation
Detailed Tracking
Barcode Support
Automated Reminders
Library Cards & Panelties
Media Acquisition & Cataloging

Admission Management

Online Enrollment
Planned Admissions
Seats Management
Integrated Communication
Document Management

Accounts & Billing Management

Easy Collection Process
Automated Fees Reminder
Expense and Income
Complete Financial Management Suite
Easy Reconciliation
Balance sheets, Profit & Loss & General Ledger
Assets and Liabilities

Human Resource Management

Manage Employee
Manage contracts
Manage timesheets

Hall Management

All type of room information
Room Allocation
Room Utilities allocation
Clearance & Approval
Fee collection


Integrated with program management
Integrated with LMS.
Student allocation system
Assignment view and submission system on student portal


Integrated with program management
Integrated with LMS.
Student allocation system
Question Bank
Supported Three types of question (Selection + Descriptive + Fill in the blank)
Free Configuration.
Result publication system to student portal.
Improved Security System to avoid cheating.

File Management

Manage all types of file

Preview and download option.

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